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About AMBA

Brokers Voice and Consumers Choice.

Founded in 1975, the Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association (AMBA) is an association for mortgage brokers and associates in Alberta. AMBA is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to highly ethical business principles and to keeping the industry at a high level of integrity and professionalism.


AMBA is the collective voice of the mortgage brokerage industry in Alberta. AMBA develops a standard of excellence for its members through advocacy, education, information and networking. AMBA promotes an ethical and sustainable industry for consumers and industry members.


AMBA is a leader in developing excellence in the mortgage brokerage industry.


  • AMBA membership is vital for industry members.
  • AMBA is the leader of educational standards in the mortgage brokerage industry.
  • AMBA is a strong brand.
  • AMBA provides strategic leadership and direction in the mortgage brokerage industry.

AMBA members abide by the codes of Best Business Practices


Consistently serve their clients using respect, honesty and trust.

ExcellenceProfessional Excellence

Use knowledge, best practice, learning and ethical behaviour when assisting clients.


Adhere to the rules and laws of confidentiality, compliance, disclosure, and due diligence in their practice.


Support the association, mortgage brokerage industry and provincial communities by contributing, participating, caring and belonging.