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AMBA Stars

About the Awards

The Awards Committee puts out a call for nominees from the membership. Each nominee consents to stand for that nomination. The committee then researches each nomination and narrows the field per award category. The Awards Committee will determine the recipients by secret ballot and the awards will be presented at the 2019 Fall Professional Day Oct. 9 at Studio Bell. AMBA is very proud to be able to celebrate professional and personal excellence in the mortgage industry.

Bill Patton Memorial Award: Nominees for the Bill Patton Memorial Award (previously the President Award) must be a member in good standing with AMBA and have a minimum of ten (10) years working experience as a Mortgage Broker/Associate. Within the scope of this award, the nominee will demonstrate advanced leadership, integrity and outstanding participation in the mortgage industry.

Ambassador Award: Nominees for the Ambassador Award must be a member in good standing with AMBA. While this nominee should possess many of the same qualities listed in the Leadership or Bill Patton Memorial Award criteria, the focus for this award is to recognize an individual who advocates strongly on behalf of the industry to peers and public alike through work or community outreach.

Leadership Award: Nominees for the Leadership Award (previously the Executive Award) must be a member in good standing with AMBA, and have a minimum of three (3) years working experience as a Mortgage Broker/Associate. This nominee should possess competencies that reflect outstanding leadership in the mortgage industry.

WIMI Innovation Award: Nominees for the Women in Mortgage Industry (WIMI) Innovation Award are members who through an innovation make a difference to their industry through more-effective products, processes, services, technologies, or business models.

Partner Award: Nominees are valued industry partners who are non-broker members in good standing with AMBA. They demonstrate outstanding customer service and are actively involved within the industry working toward its continuing betterment.

Special Awards: Nominees are industry legends who have made extraordinary contributions to the mortgage brokering community. This award is not presented annually, but rather when it is merited.

An award is not necessarily handed out each year in every category. In addition, in some years special individual awards may be given to volunteers and members who have made a difference either to the association or within our industry. Members of the Board of Directors are not eligible for an award during their term.

Recognizing our award winners

Jaime Hardy – Leadership Award
Clarence Lee – Ambassador Award
Diana Lee – WIMI Award
Chantelle Haugrud – Partner Award

Lorne Keetbaas – Bill Patton Memorial
Angela Epp – Leadership Award
Pam Pikkert – Ambassador Award
Ron McClenaghan – Volunteer Award
Mark Jewells – Volunteer Award
Dianne Pullin – Partner Award
Lisa Bartlett – Partner Award

Everett Koeller - Lifetime Achievement Award
Jared Morrison – Ambassador Award
Josh Higgelke – Leadership Award
Gord McCallum – Bill Patton Memorial Award
Denise Hendrix – Partner Award
Tim Hurlbut – Volunteer Award
Sarah Strauss – WIMI Innovation Award

Bob Hutton – Ambassador Award
Gord Appel – Leadership Award
Brian Gentles – Bill Patton Memorial Award
Nadeem Jiwa – Partner Award
Erica Fikkert – Volunteer Award

Paul Bojakli – Ambassador Award
Sandra Fisher – Leadership Award
Brian Menges – Bill Patton Memorial Award
Heather Wytinck – Partner Award
Mary Neary – Volunteer Award
Brian Gentles – 40th Anniversary Mentorship Award (Introduced for the 2015 Conference)

Gary Siegle – Bill Patton Memorial Award (Inaugural)
Derrick Leue – Partner Award
Douglas Whelpton – Leadership Award
Pat Kelly – Ambassador Award
Paula Hutton – Volunteer Award

Everett Koeller – President Award
Todd Fralic – Ambassador Award
William Charlton – Executive Award
Nancy Kamineski – Partner Award
Ryan Spence – Volunteer Award

Dean Koeller – President Award
Frank Hickey – Ambassador Award
Larry Frondall – Executive Award
Jill Paish – Partner Award

William Watson – Lifetime Achievement Award
Clarence Lee – Ambassador Award
Len Lane – Executive Award
Tracey Robinson – Partner Award

Pat Kelly – President Award
Hayley Whelpton – Ambassador Award
Gay Andrews – Executive Award
Mary Ann Krahulic – Partner Award
Ryan Spence – Partner Award

Ed Dooley – Lifetime Achievement Award
Gary Siegle – President Award
Brian Gentles – Ambassador Award
Karen Blomquist – Executive Award

Bob Hutton – President Award
Michael Cameron – Ambassador Award

Bill Patton – Lifetime Achievement Award
Eric Stewart – President Award
Dave Trithart – Ambassador Award
Tracey Manz – Executive Award
Bob Dubask – Partner Award

Brian Menges – President Award
David McNabb – Ambassador Award