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WIMI Innovation Award

WIMI Award for Innovation?

It’s difficult to be original in a rapidly evolving world. So when someone, or a group of people, is able to inspire others to excel in their roles and make a difference in their industry, they’ve achieved something special. In 2016, AMBA introduced the WIMI (Women in the Mortgage Industry) Innovation Award – for those who inspire others to do something great.

And the Award Goes to…

The first WIMI Award for Innovation recognized a group of individuals who through innovation have changed how women in the industry communicate. Their social media platform has grown exponentially since its debut only 18 months ago. The winners were Hali Noble, Suzanne Bebbington and Suzanne Aujla, the three co-founders of the WIMI Facebook group – an online forum where women can discuss industry issues, lender policies, mortgage industry education and more from coast to coast. WIMI ladies mentor, collaborate, share ideas, experiences and opportunities.

The forum is a place where they encourage each other to get more involved as industry professionals and as women leaders to help transform the landscape of mortgage brokering and lending in Canada. Having dedicated and professional women joining as members, their approach is to foster a friendly group of like-minded successful women who want to grow their businesses but still appreciate the value of having a life, socially and philosophically, and having fun!

WIMI also holds face to face social networking events, online contests and educational seminars.

Badge Recipients

The following AMBA members have received this badge:

Award Name Company
2017 WIMI Innovation Award Sarah Strauss Mortgage Alliance - The Place To Mortgage
2016 WIMI Innovation Award Hali N. Noble Fisgard Asset Management Corporation