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AMBA Board of Directors 2017

Thirteen Industry members working for you

Katie McDowell

Katie McDowell, President

Dave Trithart

Dave Trithart, Past President & AMBA Representative on the MPC Board/Government Relations

Adil Mawji

Adil Mawji, Vice President

Ryan Spence

Ryan Spence, Education Director

Stephanie Blake

Stephanie Blake, Treasurer

Tracey Robinson

Tracey Robinson, Membership Director

  • Mortgage Protection Plan
  • Grand Marais, MB
  • Phone: 403.479.1554
Shawn Jewers

Shawn Jewers, Communications Director

Erica Fikkert

Erica Fikkert, Events Director

Pam Pikkert

Pam Pikkert, Communications Director

Mark Pullin

Mark Pullin, Membership Director

Julie Jeffry

Julie Jeffery, Education Director

Kevin Weeks

Kevin Weeks, Government Relations Director

Mike Wolfe

Mike Wolfe, MPC Representative & Events Director