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Our Charity: Community Key

Throughout the year, the Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association (AMBA) will be raising proceeds at our various events to support our official charity Community Key.

Community Key helps families that are caring for a seriously ill or critically injured child in paying their mortgage or rent payments, allowing them some relief from one of their largest financial burdens. Their aim is to ‘key’ as many families in need as they can, so those families can focus on what’s truly key — family.

The Story Behind Community Key

AMBA Past President, Paul Bojakli, received a call out of the blue one day that his daughter Jaimee, who was an experienced synchronized swimmer had an accident in the pool and was being rushed to the children’s hospital. As Paul raced to the hospital, all he could think about was is Jaimee okay?

Luckily, after a near death experience in the emergency and five days in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Jaimee was released with a clean physical and the clearance to go back to swimming. During those long days and nights, Paul saw the hours all the families in the hospital were spending with their children. It made him wonder at what point would less fortunate families have to make the difficult decision that one of or both parents would have to return to work.

After doing some research with the Quantus team, Paul discovered there was no program in Canada helping families in need to make their mortgage payments during a time in crisis. And so, Community Key was born.

Although the charity was initially founded by the Quantus team, it is an industry initiative that could make a major difference nationally with all of our help.
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