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Charles McKitrick, BSc
Alta West Mortgage Capital Corporation

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Charles McKitrick


Chuck McKitrick is a director and the Chief Executive Officer for Alta West Mortgage Capital Corporation, and manages its business development and growth, as well as funding and human resources. Chuck is also a director and officer of First Place Mortgage Investment Corporation and AWM Balanced Mortgage Investment Corporation, both of which are mortgage investment corporation's active in the Alberta marketplace and managed by Alta West Mortgage Capital Corporation.

He is also a licensed Realtor, Mortgage Associate and Dealing Representative. Prior to joining Alta West Mortgage Capital Corporation, Chuck was the owner/operator of several health care clinics in Calgary, and after a major acquisition of this company he assumed a senior management position with the purchaser. Chuck also owned a business in real estate investments and has been investing in the Calgary market for many years.

Chuck brings over 20 years of business experience and management to Alta West Mortgage Capital Corporation and the mortgage investment corporations that it manages. He is also a past director for the Alberta Mortgage Broker’s Association. Chuck holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Saskatchewan.


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Alta West Mortgage Capital Corporation
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Calgary, AB