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Amber Moser, C.R.M.S, AMP
Dominion Lending Centres (Calgary)
Licensed Mortgage Professional

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Amber Moser


I have been a Licensed Mortgage Associate for over almost 8 years. I have completed mortgages that are tough to find lending for to those that are considered impossible. I like working with numbers so working as a Licensed Mortgage Associate fits me very well. I like to help people and see their dreams and goals a reality. Other Associates contact me for help. Helping them makes the industry better.

I am a Certified Presenter for Enriched Academy and have taught over 3000 students the basics of finances. I currently have two High Schools that book me in as a regular guest speaker. It is great to meet these same students on the street and have them recognize me or a teacher tell me they learned something that day too.

Lastly, I am a Chip Reverse Mortgage Specialist. A reverse mortgage is not for everyone but I have seen times where if we didn't have this amazing product the client may not be in their home today. It has also made some people over the age of 50's lives easier once we have the product in place while still allowing for a substantial inheritance to be left behind for their loved ones.

My previous life I was a Project Manager for 15 years. I like the details and transitioning into Mortgages was a good fit after my children were born. If you have any questions on mortgages I am here to help.






Dominion Lending Centres (Calgary)
115, 8820 Blackfoot Trail S.E.
Calgary, AB