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Deborah Scott, Mortgage Associate
Benchmark Mortgages
Mortgage Associate

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Deborah Scott


Whether you’re first-time buyers, repeat buyers, renewing your Edmonton mortgage, or looking to consolidate debt, we have tailored solutions to help you. The Benchmark Mortgages team are proud members of the Verico® Network; Canada’s #1 Mortgage Broker Network. We work for you to ensure you get the best product and rate to suit your needs. The term “benchmark” originates from the chiseled horizontal marks that surveyors made in stone structures as an established point of reference. By definition it is a mark that serves as a standard by which others may be measured or judged. With such varying degrees in the mortgage industry of knowledge, options, and service our goal is to excel in each area.

The Benchmark Mortgages team is small, but mighty. We are also quite funny. What’s important to you is important to us, and we are here to help guide you through what can be a confusing and complex process. Buying a first (or second, or third) home is one of the biggest things you’ll ever do in your life.

It’s important to us that you get personal and proactive service. This means that we look ahead to anticipate your future needs, while also meeting your current needs. We find this saves you time and money now and later. We’re happy to meet with you anytime, and we are accessible! We’d be happy for you to stop by our office, enjoy a coffee and meet us in person.