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Conrad Aglah, B.Pharm, MSc.
Mortgage Alliance "Mortgages Are Marvellous"
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Conrad Aglah


The decision to break my mortgage 10 yrs. ago costing me $4600 in mortgage penalties (on $311k mortgage) within 6 months of getting that mortgage from a major bank was the main reason I became a mortgage broker. The decision to break that mortgage for a different for a different one was based on advice from top mortgage brokers and it led to savings of $32k in unnecessary interest over the remainder of the 4 and half year’s term of the mortgage. Majority of Canadian Home Owners spend so much of their hard-earned income on unnecessary mortgage interests and other mortgage cost including penalties due to poor advice making the Big Banks rich while costing consumers in the long term, meaningful and enjoyable retirement. I adopt for all my clients the buy right finance right (i.e. the right mortgage) approach in ensuring their mortgages save them unnecessary interests and costs and help them maximize and achieve their life goals of owning a home or investment properties.






Mortgage Alliance "Mortgages Are Marvellous"
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