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Kevin Weeks, BA, LLB
Weeks Law

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Kevin Weeks


Kevin Weeks is currently a director of AMBA. During his tenure on the Board he has been involved and provided advice in the revision and adoption of new bylaws, Government and governance related issues, general legal and strategic matters concerning AMBA.

Kevin has over 30 years of extensive business, operational and legal knowledge, practise and experience in a number of fields and industries, including real estate, intellectual property, import/export, telecommunications, utilities, software and the publishing, recording and entertainment industries. He has been involved, both professionally and as principal in negotiating and closing large complex commercial and corporate transactions, both domestic and international.

Kevin practises at Weeks Law, Barristers and Solicitors, Calgary Alberta The firm specializes in and carries a senior real estate, corporate/commercial, intellectual property and technology law practise.

An entrepreneur by nature and deed, Kevin conveys a practical legal business acumen and utilizes his skills at assisting and advising clients with strategic direction and organizing their legal affairs in a common sense manner.






Weeks Law
402, 10325 Bonaventure Drive SE
Calgary, AB