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Diana Magnan, AMP
TMG The Mortgage Group
Mortgage Professional

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Diana Magnan


My name is Diana Magnan, and I’m here today to speak
with you about a cause that I am very passionate about.
I am enthused to say that I have succeeded in achieving
my career goal of becoming a mortgage broker.
My career choice came about when I first started working
with my mentor 9 years ago. Being in a tough situation
myself, I was inspired to see how a single person in this
role was capable and truly empowered to make a positive
impact in someone’s life. Buying a home should be a
“feel good” long term life decision, and shouldn’t be
stressful and disappointing. Now that I’m a Mortgage
broker, I too have this opportunity to help others reach
their dreams and goals.
Being a wife of a military veteran with multiple overseas
deployments, I thought of not only helping people move
into their dream homes, but simultaneously contributing
to a great cause! By embarking in a partnership with
a Military Veterans charity called “Wounded Warriors
Canada”, we can increase awareness and generate
meaningful donations. With each mortgage signed,
TMG THE MORTGAGE GROUP and myself personally will
donate a portion of our proceeds to the charity.
If we can reach out to our community and assist in the
overall success, I trust everyone can celebrate by knowing
we achieved something great together.
This is a new and unique effort in combining the
mortgage industry with a great charity to raise
awareness and helping our veterans that have
proudly served our country.
Please contact me and let’s get a great thing started!
Diana Magnan




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