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Ron Smith
The Mortgage Alliance Company of Canada
Mortgage Associate

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Ron Smith


So, you’re likely thinking to yourself, “Here’s a picture of yet one more guy trying to get my mortgage business…so what?” Fair enough! Before you write me off as some sort of nut-job, let me introduce myself. My name is Ron and I want to help you find your next mortgage.

This story isn’t about me though, it’s about you. What do you need the money for? Is your mortgage up for renewal and this new “stress-test” is freaking you out?!? (…nice job Feds!) Do you want to help your folks in their retirement? (…it’s more common than you think) Are you wanting to buy your first home? A rental property? Fix your credit? Own a Lambo? (…oh yeah, baby!) The sky’s the limit.

At this point you don’t know me from Adam, but in case you’re interested, one of my main purposes in life is to serve others. I am very fortunate to do this as a Mortgage Associate with House 2 Home Mortgage Group, a Team Member of Mortgage Alliance. (…which explains the MA logo on the top of this page!) I take my role very seriously and I am someone you can trust…even though you don’t know that yet.

My own personal journey in Real Estate began shortly after my 16th Birthday with the death of my biological father. While grieving this loss, I was quickly forced to learn about wills, probate, and estate planning. I was also introduced to the joys of being a landlord. I did my first rehab at 17 (…that would have made a great HGTV show!) and had my first mortgage at 22. Through these early life lessons, and many more since, I am now known as someone who gets things done. My resume is chock-full of entrepreneurial pursuits that go back to my youth and I can proudly say I’ve had a great life. Sometimes I have been kicked in the teeth and other times I have been on top of the world. C’est la vie! It’s all about the journey and not the destination, right? WRONG! The journey has to make sense. Where are you going? What is your finish line? As a good friend used to say to me, “What does done look like?” I may be able to help you figure that out too.

The mortgage industry can be complicated (…and ever changing) but my goal remains the same: provide exceptional service to those I work with and to truly make friends for life. Yes, it’s corny but it’s true. You have my word that I will provide you with all the information you need to make your hopes and dreams come true. Just like any good friend would do. I expect the same in return.

If you want to chat further feel free to call me…or email me…or text, Tweet, message, whatever you prefer. The point is, “let’s start a conversation.” I know I can help.




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