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Heather Hellings
Dominion Lending Centres - Jencor Mortgage
Operations Manager

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Heather Hellings


Since 2011, Heather has been the Operations Manager at Jencor as well a licensed Mortgage Advisor. As Operations Manager, she manages the Administrative Group at Jencor, Human Resources, Payroll, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and IT Support.
What she enjoys most about her job is the fact that at Jencor, it is always busy and every day brings new challenges. It is a fast-paced environment which demands Heather’s flexibility and “pitch in” attitude to direct resources to wherever help is needed.
Prior to Jencor, Heather was in the Oil & Gas Industry in the Environmental sector, and with those skills and experience, she brought a desire to see different points of view and have multiple perspectives, as change is ongoing and inevitable. Heather has mastered the ability to keep Jencor “quick on its feet” in terms of the change that comes with growth. With her open-mindedness and ability to investigate new ways of doing things, she has been a “behind-the-scenes” force to help Jencor stay on the road of success.






Dominion Lending Centres - Jencor Mortgage
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