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Find an Industry Partner

Welcome to our industry partner section. Here you can find all the supporting industry members that help us to perform many of our daily tasks in order to serve the people and communities within the province of Alberta. These dedicated individuals support and sponsor many of our events, and we rely on their continued membership and commitment to make it possible for us to add value to the mortgage brokering industry.

Name Company Name City Prov Category
Joy Tuomi Jayman Financial Corp. Edmonton AB
Julie Thomas Canada Guaranty Mortgage Insurance Company Cochrane AB
Junayna Sabah Bridgewater Bank Calgary AB
Justin Desjarlais Genworth Canada Oakville ON
Kanwaldeep Sethi High Street Financial Services Corp. Edmonton AB
Katja Black Reich Law
Kay Ogunbamowo Optimum Mortgage
Kevin Lonsdale Canadian National Association of Real Estate Appraisers (CNAREA) Belleville ON Appraiser
Kim Lewis Genworth Canada Oakville ON
Kristine Vitto Calvert Home Mortgage Investment Corporation Calgary AB
Kristy-Lynn Maxwell Verico Financial Group Calgary AB
Kyla Hunter Home Trust Company Calgary AB
Kyra Wong Manulife Mortgage Protection Plan (MPP) Toronto ON Insurer
Larissa Meleca Manulife Credit Security Plan
Laura Cook Bridgewater Bank
Laura Forester RPS Real Property Solutions
Lauren Hills Cedar Peaks Mortgage Services Ltd. Wainwright AB
Lisa Bartlett First National Financial LP Calgary AB Lender
Lisa McAleer MCAP Service Corp. Edmonton AB
Loi Dang Equitable Bank
Loreto Van Hees Jayman Financial Corp. Calgary AB
Lorne Rackel Jayman Financial Corp. Calgary AB
Lyndsey Krepela First National Financial LP Calgary,
Marcia Lindberg Optimum Mortgage
Mark Prokopiuk TD Canada Trust Edmonton AB
Marnie Cross MCAP Service Corp. Edmonton AB
Martin Harvie Bridgewater Bank
Matthew Lirantzis RFA Mortgages Toronto ON
Megan McDonald MCAP Service Corp. Vancouver BC
Megan Robertson Bridgewater Bank Calgary AB
Mia Cameron First National Financial LP
Michael Lavallee HavenTree Bank Toronto ON
Mitch Estrada Optimum Mortgage
Monica Tse TD Canada Trust
Murray Brokenfohr Keystone Mortgage Corporation St. Albert AB
Naomi Wareham Canada Guaranty Mortgage Insurance Company Calgary AB Insurer
Nathalie Hornbrook Filogix A Finastra Company
Nikki Smart Bridgewater Bank Calgary AB
Nina Mcnamara Keystone Mortgage Corporation St. Albert AB
Patrick Ardies Nationwide Appraisal Services Markham ON
Patti Adamson Bridgewater Bank Calgary AB
Paul Gajdos CMLS Financial Calgary AB Lender
Paul Steckler First National Financial LP
Paul Traptow HomeEquity Bank Calgary AB
Pearl Reiling Capital Mortgage Centre Medicine Hat AB
Philip Wood Principal Mortgage Group Ltd. Calgary AB
Radu Soare Ownest Financial Inc. Calgary AB
Rejean Roberge Optimum Mortgage Edmonton AB
Richard Spence The Mortgage Centre of Canada
Richelle Morgan First National Financial LP