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Find an Industry Partner

Welcome to our industry partner section. Here you can find all the supporting industry members that help us to perform many of our daily tasks in order to serve the people and communities within the province of Alberta. These dedicated individuals support and sponsor many of our events, and we rely on their continued membership and commitment to make it possible for us to add value to the mortgage brokering industry.

Name Company Name City Prov Category
Kimberley Kukulowicz Equitable Bank Calgary AB Lender
Ling Lem Jayman Financial Corp. Calgary AB
Melanie Cantin Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) Edmonton AB Insurer
Mike Forshee Home Trust Company Toronto ON Lender
Mitch Stolarchuk Optimum Mortgage Edmonton AB
Patrick Keogh Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) Insurer
Peter O'Neill Bridgewater Bank Calgary AB Lender
Pierre Blais Jayman Financial Corp. Edmonton AB
Ray Buela Equitable Bank Calgary AB Lender
Shane Lapointe RMG Mortgages Calgary AB
Susan Carter Genworth Canada Oakville ON Lender
Trupti Patel Optimum Mortgage Calgary AB Lender
William Granleese Antrim Investments Ltd. Fort Langley BC Lender